At Myers CPA, we’re changing the way people think about business accounting. Our relationships are partnerships, and we want every client to feel confident in their company’s finances, without a full-time CFO sitting in the building.

Call us a fractional CFO or an outsourced accounting firm. Simply put, we help our clients grow their businesses through strategic management and oversight of all financial aspects. By taking a hands-on and proactive approach to analyzing high-level financial functions, we’re able to add clarity, find efficiencies, and improve the profitability and health of our clients’ companies.

Our firm works to bring innovative, yet applicable, ideas to business owners to save them time and money. We look at what our clients are doing, compare our findings with industry best practices, and figure out solutions to make their businesses more competitive. We’ll state what works and what doesn’t, and we have the flexibility to adapt under changing circumstances, to ensure that we are supporting every one of our clients in the best way possible.

It’s our goal to give you financial peace of mind so that you can focus on your business, while we focus on the finances.

Matt Myers


Matt has known since high school that he wanted to work in accounting, as he always excelled with numbers and was fascinated to see how it all connected with business success. He finds that the best part about what he does now is helping clients make better decisions by utilizing data and numbers. Matt focuses on developing new business, financial reporting, managing client relationships, and overseeing the strategic direction and goals of Myers CPA. He spent 6 years working at a large international accounting firm and 3 years working at a local CPA firm in the Outsourced CFO/Controller division. His personable approach to client service is centered around responsiveness and the effort to consistently exceed client expectations with the services offered at Myers CPA. He enjoys working with all types of clients to help solve complex problems, achieve unique business goals, and find process and profitability improvements. Matt is originally from Manhattan, Kansas, where he attended Kansas State University. He is married with four kids and lives in Prairie Village with his family. He enjoys traveling, Royals baseball, and playing tennis.


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Jason Rowland


At Myers CPA, it’s all about facilitating superior decision making by putting the right actionable business intelligence in the hands of businesses. Jason manages client accounting services to ensure timely service and high quality and accurate work. He creates and oversees the design of financial reporting packages which are individually tailored to each client. His specialties include accounting and financial reporting, and compiling operational business metrics. Jason has acquired 7.5 years of combined accounting experience, including 6.5 years of background in outsourced CFO services and tax services. Jason enjoys delivering recommendations and providing information to businesses in order to support strategic and operational decisions that make room for growth. Jason’s favorite part about his job is watching business managers and owners make informed and calculated decisions that improve results and grow their businesses. It’s all about delivering on promises and following through with commitments. Jason is proud to be a part of a team that works to accomplish goals, produce positive outcomes, and achieve success for their clients.


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Alyx Hubler


Alyx operates by the principle that accounting is the backbone of all business. She believes business decisions are greatly aided by easy to read and interpret financial reporting and she strives to provide that to her clients. Alyx has over 11 years of experience in accounting and finance. Prior to joining Myers CPA she was the Chief Financial Officer at Great Plains SPCA. In her tenure, she overhauled accounting systems and implemented new processes to aid in accurate financial reporting. This provided a clear line of sight on the financial pulse of the organization that enabled Leadership to quickly make informed decisions. Prior to Great Plains, Alyx was the Controller at Tradebot Systems, a high frequency equity trading and technology company. She started her career in Public Accounting as an Auditor at Grant Thornton. Alyx is a licensed CPA and earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting at the University of Kansas. Alyx is passionate about animal welfare and has been actively involved since 2012. Alyx currently lives in Shawnee, KS with her husband, also a CPA, and her two daughters (plus two furry friends). In her free time she likes to garden, travel, read, and stay active.


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Neal Adams


Prior to joining Myers CPA, Neal spent 3 years working for the largest CPA firm in the world, auditing clients in the financial management and manufacturing industries. Even with his big firm experience, Neal is firmly rooted in helping small businesses. His father has owned and operated his own small business since 1981 and his uncle owned his own business until passing in 2012. Meanwhile, his mother was the bookkeeper for his uncle’s business and still is for his father’s. Working for and with each of them from a young age, he experienced firsthand the hard work required to run a successful business and wants to help put them in the best possible position to be successful.

Neal grew up with a family who loved numbers and is now one of four CPAs in his family. He received his undergraduate and Masters degrees from Kansas State University. He was born and raised a Kansas State fan, and that passion continues through today as his wife and him are both football season ticket holders.

David Feist


David is on a mission to correct and implement financial and back-office processes to help business owners and stakeholders achieve greatness. This means getting them accurate, timely, and useful financials while providing stakeholders with data that can be used to make better business decisions. For him, being able to offer recommendations based on past experiences and what he is seeing with other clients is one of the most significant things he can offer. 

Receiving his Bachelor’s in Accounting and Master of Accountancy from Kansas State University, David has special expertise in financial reporting, construction, specialty trade issues, and such areas as job costing, project-based accounting, revenue recognition, and navigating construction-specific software platforms. 

David is passionate about helping teams at each level make decisions that they can feel comfortable with thanks to the information provided. He is also glad that he can free up time for business owners to spend doing what they are good at and what is needed, instead of something they may hate.

Xin Guo


Xin is a true business expert that thrives on helping business owners and their teams solve business management problems. A specialist in cost management, supply chain management, and international business, Xin owned and ran his own successful business, Texin Garments Co., Ltd. in China for several years. But his love for helping build businesses didn’t start there. When he was 10 years old, he helped his grandma run a shop by serving as a cashier and serving customers. 

Xin understands what his clients are going through. Going to college in the US had been a dream of his since he was 19 years old. Almost impossible to attain for ordinary Chinese families like his due to the annual cost of studying in the US being 20 times as much as the annual income his parents brought home, and not having options for student loans in China, Xin started to work early. He worked full-time while pursuing an accounting degree in China, and with 12 years of hard work, saved enough money to achieve the almost impossible dream of studying in the US. Now he is the CFO of Cerritos High Education Foundation (CHEF) serving their students and giving back to the community. 

Austin Winter


Austin has known that he wants to help people achieve their dreams for a long time. His goal is to start his own business one day, and he passes that motivation along to the people he helps at Myers CPA. Austin went to college at Kansas State University and got his Undergraduate and Masters in accounting. From there, his skills in the field have only skyrocketed as he worked in the banking and manufacturing industry. He finds joy in being able to help small business owners make smart decisions and grow their business from the ground up. To Austin, the essential part of working in this industry is the people behind it. From helping clients to growing the team he works in, Austin likes to see success and growth in the world around him. If his day includes being able to help people achieve their dreams, he will go home happy.

Austin’s family and friends play a large part in what he does, and he likes to think that his own achievements are because of their support. He is a huge KSU fan, and with his season tickets, he can be found rooting for the local team outside of work.

Esther Freeman


Esther found her love of accounting while working in retail to help pay for her college education. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s in accounting. From there, Esther quickly learned she enjoyed finding discrepancies and solutions to challenging problems. To this day, that is Esther’s favorite part of working in their position in Myers CPA and the accounting field. Esther’s many skills and talents are derived from working in healthcare, technology, retail, engineering, and architecture. These fields allowed her to learn many different business structures and processes to help improve businesses in the future. While providing accurate financial information and assistance to their clients, Esther also works to create strong relationships between herself, her clients, and her coworkers.

Esther finds inspiration in her work environment and her amazing coworkers. Outside of her work, Esther shows her care for others through supporting local rescue shelters and charities. Rescue animals have been a large part of her life, and she brings that same care and attentiveness to the ones around her.



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